How to deal with living with someone during Covid-19 confinement

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How to deal with living with someone during Covid-19 confinement

I don’t believe in one solution fits all, so I decided to interview different specialists since I thought they’d have different solutions for you.

Many of you are wondering: “how do I deal with my mother, father, roommate, boy/girlfriend, ex, both my parents… during this Covid-19 quarantine???”

Many of us have to deal with living with someone 24/7. There is no break to breathe and recharge with anyone else, that makes it harder to “survive”. But you’re not alone, and there are solutions that you can try. And don’t forget: never give up!


  1. Your own space
  2. Talk to a friend or family
  3. Talk to a counsellor or specialist
  4. Be patient and kind to yourself
  5. Interview with Marion Guiset ~ Life Coach

1. Your own space

Hopefully you have enough space to have your own space and you can retire somewhere that’s your own. You don’t have to live with the other(s) person 24/7  in the same room. Even if you’re a couple, give yourself a break either in a different room, or go outside for a walk, not together.

For that you will have to set your boundaries. If necessary, sign a contract with your roommate stating what you both agree on.

2. Talk to a friend or family

Talk to a friend or a family member you trust will listen to you and will not judge you. It’s important to get things out of our head, being listened to, and possibly have another point of view and a little laugh! Sometimes we take things too personally and too seriously, laughing helps calm down.

3. Talk to a counsellor or specialist

If you can afford to speak to a counsellor, psychologist, or some kind of coach, it’s time to contact him/her.

If you can’t afford it, here are some generous counsellors who are offering their help at no cost!

4. Be patient and kind to yourself

Things take time and effort, and it’ll require you to be gentle to yourself. As much as this is difficult, we all need to accept things as they are. Life is as it is. We are the ones to react to it. By learning to see things as they are, we will realize many things, including the fact that reacting does not fix anything.


[French] Entretien avec Marion Guiset ~ Coach de vie

In her video, her tips:

  1. What are your needs: write them or tell your friends. You can also write your fears and anything that comes to mind. Writing is a way to heal.
  2. Create a new habit or schedule. For instance in the morning as soon as you wake up, it’s important to create a positive state by making your bed, writing in your journal, meditating… anything that makes you happy and sets the mood for the day.
  3. Ask external help. it’s ok to be vulnerable: talk to your friends, family, or a specialists like a counsellor, mediator, psychologist.

French: Marion vous offre de recevoir son webinair sur l’auto-sabotage et le test pour decouvrir ses saboteurs interieurs: click here to get it.

Free tools and specialists:


  • Free emotional phone support from Moving Forward Family Services: 778-321-3054,
  • Free counselling from Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Life coach:




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