What is Journaling?

You might have written in your journal when you were a kid, perhaps you’re still writing in your journal. Well, it’s actually a very simple and great way to heal! Yes, writing and healing go together beautifully 🙂

Why? Because your hand is connected to your heart, and writing down what you have in your mind is liberating. So it’s important to write with your hand and a pen, not on a computer.

What do I write in my journal?

There are many ways to journal. Be creative! Here are a few ideas:

  • Write what comes to mind
  • Write your angers, and try to go deep. Angers from your childhood, your daily life, your personality traits.
  • Write your needs
  • Write prayers for you, your loved ones, and the World
  • Write gratitude
  • Write your dreams
  • Write how you’d like to feel and feel it
  • Write a letter to your mom or anyone you’d like to forgive (don’t send it to them, it’s just for you)
  • Write yourself a letter of compassion
  • Write your inner child a letter
  • Write affirmations
  • Take notes of your (small) wins and celebrate
  • Write poetry
  • Bullet journal